40th Birthday Celebrations

Celebration Run, the Right Rollicking Relay – Sunday 26 September at 2pm

A social (or competitive – up to you!) club run, where all pace groups do a different route from and back to Tring Park. Followed by a birthday cake and picnic.

Who for?
Every single club member. We would love you to come. We want as many people there as possible to celebrate the Club’s 40th.

Family and friends are very welcome to come along to the Park to join in the celebrations at any time during the afternoon (the cake is from 4pm). There will be a TRC base for the duration.

When and where?
Tring Park. Starts at 2pm. The running bit will be done by 4pm. Then enjoy some food and drink. The ‘TRC Hub’ will be the grassy triangle in the bottom of the valley – from the curly bridge, bear left and follow the path down as it bends right.

What shall I wear?
Your TRC vest or T-shirt if you have one, because we’re doing a club photo. Please bring spare kit for others if you have it. A blue T-shirt if you don’t have club kit.

What else shall I bring?
A drink, your picnic for afterwards, a jumper. Cake will be provided (vegan and gluten-free options available). There will be a base where you can safely leave keys etc. while you run.

Tell me more about the run?
A “handicap” event for every pace group. Each route is different and takes in many iconic trails and locations that are familiar to club members. Each pace group goes at its own pace.

The routes for groups 13 – 10 all head east from the park and descend on the open track at the side of Stubbings Wood. With the staggered start times, the four groups are likely to meet up as they approach the finish descent towards the park.

The routes for groups 9 – 7 all head west from the park and return via the Ridgeway mile from Beggars Lane up to Wigginton and then down into the park past the Obelisk. These groups are also likely to meet up as they approach the finish.

To add to the celebratory and social atmosphere, the staggered start times mean that groups 13 -10 should finish slightly ahead of groups 9 – 7 and can enjoy the spectacle of some fast finishers hurtling towards the finish line!

There are eight routes of increasing distance to correspond to the eight pace groups.

Approx time for route
– Pace group 13 3.5 miles 50 mins
– Pace group 12 4.5 miles 53 mins
– Pace group 11 5.0 miles 55 mins
– Pace group 10 6.5 miles 65 mins
– Pace group 9 8.0 miles 72 mins
– Pace group 8 8.8 miles 71 mins
– Pace group 7.5 10.6 miles 80 mins
– Pace group 7 10.6 miles 75 mins

Start order, start time and approx finish time
– 10s 2.25pm 3.30pm
– 11s 2.35 3.30
– 12s 2.37 3.30
– 13s 2.40 3.30
– 7.5s 2.40 4.00
– 7s 2.45 4.00
– 9s 2.48 4.00
– 8s 2.49 4.00

Members of each pace group will all start together to run their route. Those that wish to make it a social run may remain together as a group, much like a Wednesday evening club run, with a designated leader to guide them round the route and a back marker to make sure everyone

If anyone wishes to engage in some friendly competition against their pace group members, they will need to reccie the route beforehand. Route available from your Run Leader. No prizes. As a suggestion, to make things both sociable and competitive, competition within a pace group could be confined to a sprint finish eg in the final mile, a somewhat like the Keirin race in cycling!

Group leaders will reccie beforehand to make sure they know the route. The routes will not be marked.

What else?
We are organising drone photography for a new club photo – the more people we can get there, the better the photo! We will attempt some group positioning eg to spell out “TRC.”

Plus you will get a free TRC car bumper sticker. (If that doesn’t get you to the event, what will?!)

From John Manning, Celine Wilcox and the rest of the 40th Birthday Planning Team.