Club Stripes

Stripes are levelled awards for TRC members that provide a means to encourage, inspire, motivate and celebrate each member’s achievement and progress over time at Tring Running Club. Having a goal to strive for helps focus and motivate us all.

They can be earned by taking part in road or off road courses, where the distance is accurate and is one of the listed:







and must be achieved over a year (from January 1st to December 31st).

Apart from the first level, Steel, which has no time specification, the levels are age-graded, starting at 45% in 5 year bands, with the intention of keeping things simple in terms of times to aim at, and also providing a bit of healthy competition and comparison within the club.


4 races of at least two different distances (eg  three 5K parkruns and  one 10K, or  two 5K parkruns, a 5 mile race and a 10K race)

All times to count to achieve the award (ie completion of the race)


4 races of at least three different distances with an age grade of 45% or higher achieved

Eg,  two 5K parkruns, one  10K, one  half marathon, or two 5Ks, one 5 mile, one 10K etc


4 races of 4 different distances, at an age grade of 50%

And all others as above with ages grades as follows:

Copper 45%

Bronze 50%

Silver 55%

Gold 60%

Platinum  65%

Titanium 70%

Diamond  75%

Zebra 80%

How to claim the award

The awards must be claimed on an individual basis, by submitting the relevant claim with race times to Stripes Award secretary Helen Tullie/Hannah Whiffen via the email address

You will then have your award read out at club night (as soon as it is earned) and be presented with your certificate at Presentation Evening/another club event.

Rules and regulations:

The format for earning stripes is simple but there are a few rules to keep things fair:

  • Times must be from races, not training runs
  • Course accuracy may be checked by Stripes administrators- if a course is found to be short then it may be disallowed and this decision rests with Stripes administrators (you may appeal to the TRC Committee if you think the decision is unfair)
  • Only one award to be claimed per annum, although if you change age category and have completed the relevant races then you may also claim in the new age category
Event Times

You can work out the times you need to achieve for each award by looking at the links for each age category for men and women:-

Good Luck

Original data are from World Masters Athletics:

This representation is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License: