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Chiltern League Cross Country

For those of you either new to the club or who haven’t yet enjoyed the experience of representing Tring in these races then please read on:

XCShuttleworth2012The Chiltern Cross Country League runs a series of 5 monthly races,(or ‘mob’ matches) on Saturday afternoons from October to February. For the Senior Ladies these consist of courses between 5.5km – 6km and the Senior Men running a slightly longer 8-10km, generally undulating (often muddy ). It is a team event, with everyone who takes part counting towards the final score. So don’t worry if you are not in greyhound mode, just by participating you will be helping your team in accumulation of points which dictate our position in the league (basically just by finishing in front of one other contestant you could be taking points away from them and their team!) All you need to take part in all this fun is a Tring vest and sense of team spirit.. The races themselves are free, and there will normally always be someone to help with lifts to and from fixtures.

So come along and give it a try.

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2016 – 2017 Season

If you would like to take part in the cross country this year then these are the dates:

Chiltern Cross Country League
Venue Maps

15 October (Oxford)
12 November (Teardrop Lakes, Milton Keynes)
3 December (Luton)
14 January (Keysoe)
11 February (Campbell Park, Milton Keynes)

County Cross Country Championships

TBC – Herts Champs

TBC – Bucks & Beds Champs

Southern Cross Country Championships

28th January 2017 – venue TBC

English National Cross Country Championships


Veterans County Cross Country Championships