Membership Benefits

As a member of Tring Running Club, you will have access to some great benefits in addition to the improved fitness levels you’re achieving.

The Cricket Club is our meeting place for Wednesday runs, and the runners’ essentials they provide for us include a bar and use of the showers.

You can access the club’s Facebook group¬†and receive¬†Google Group emails and the weekly news bulletin to keep up to date with events.

Many race entry fees are reduced for club members and/or for EA affiliated runners.

The club runs championships for Road and Off-Road races.

You can join club teams for various Cross Country Championships.

We have secured a 10% discount for you at various sports shops including Sweatshop, Complete Outdoors, Apex, Berkhamsted Sports, and Up & Running

Sportspace offers club runners their corporate rates for General Activity Membership and for Gym, Swim and Classes Membership. They have leisure centres in Tring, Berkhamsted and Hemel Hempstead.