New to Running

Unfortunately I have to advise that Tring RC does not have the resources to support  Start to Run (STR) at the present time and no course is anticipated in the foreseeable future. If this changes we will post an update on our STR Facebook page and you can like and follow it on this link:

We will also continue to post useful beginner running information and links to alternative local run courses on this page to help you get started on your running journey.

Also to stay up to date on all things start to run, please like our Start to Run Facebook page. We no longer do any direct emails in connection with start to run

Start to Run – this is a 6 week running course which we hold at several times a year, normally on a Wednesday evening. The course also includes information sessions about all aspects of running from buying shoes to what to eat and drink. At the end of the course you will be able to tackle a 5k run. A small charge (currently £15.00) applies. You do not have to be a member of TRC to do this course. It is led by England Athletics licensed Leaders in Running Fitness.



What STRunners say about the course:

Many thanks to you and ….. It’s been great fun.  We’ve all learnt a lot and your enthusiasm towards running infectious. (STR2, 2011)

The course far exceeded my expectations, as did the generosity and good humour of the leaders in taking time to show us all that we could do it! Absolutely brilliant (STR5, 2012)

The course has given me the confidence to carry on running and proved that I can run (STR9, 2014)

Really beneficial and rewarding (STR11, 2015)

Bridging Group – if you have done Start to Run or can run for 30 minutes you will be able to run with this group. It meets 7.30pm on a Wednesday, which is the core Club night, and covers 3-5 miles at an easy pace of around 12 minute miles, with lots of regroups.