Off Road Championship

The Off-Road Championship (ORC) is a fun competition with the aim of encouraging of friendly competition for Tring Running Club members. It’s a championship for everyone, no matter what pace group and distance you run. We encourage everyone to take part!

We will award a trophy for the ‘best’ senior male and senior female for 2022. There is also an award for the “best” veteran male and female. Could that be you?!

How it works

  1. There are 12 races that count in the ORC. Take part in some or all of these events to enter the competition.COVID has made it difficult to select appropriate races, with a number of race organisers holding off confirming dates for 2022 until as late as possible. Because of this, we are sharing the first six months’ dates below and aim to give the last six months’ dates in March 2022.Do note there is still a strong possibility of events being cancelled or moved! If this happens, we will try to give as much notice as possible, and will choose an alternative event, so there will still be 12 races for you to compete in.
  2. You must be a TRC member to take part, and you must enter an event naming TRC as your club, for your result to count.While we encourage you to wear the zebra stripes, you don’t need to wear a club vest or T-shirt, unlike in the Chiltern League Cross Country.
  3. Points are awarded in both female and male categories. The first Tring runner to finish gets 25 points, the second gets 24, etc., consecutively down to 6 points for the 20th Tring runner. All other finishers lower than 20th will receive 5 points each.
  4. After each event, an updated league table will be shared, showing the results from the last event and the current league table.
  5. The final total score for any competitor will be a maximum of the best nine of their individual results, but all participants will feature in the scoring even if they have done fewer than nine races. The winner does not have to have competed in nine events.
  6. Veterans are classified as females aged 45 and above and males aged 50 and above on 1st January 2022. Seniors are classified as females and males aged 18 and above on 1st January 2022.
  7. In the event of a tie for the championship winners, the best place/highest points for ORC individual race scores will prevail, e.g. 25 + 23 will place higher than 24 + 24.

The first six ORC events:

  • 15/01/2022    Chiltern League Cross Country
  • 12/02/2022    Wendover Woods parkrun
  • 19/03/2022    Ashridge Boundary Run, 16.5 miles
  • 16/04/2022    Dunstable Downs parkrun
  • 08/05/2022    Marsworth 10K
  • 12/06/2022    Albury 5
  • 13/07/2022    TRC Wendover Trail Race
  • 10/08/2022   Club organised event in Tring Park
  • 04/09/2022   Dunstable 20
  • October (date TBC) Chiltern Cross Country League Match 1 – Oxford
  • November (date TBC) Watlington 10km
  • December (date TBC) Club Brenda Barlow Event

Chris Nicholls, Matt Wade and Claire Shelley