Road Race Championship

Road race results, should be sent to

The Background
The Road Race Championship is open to all paid up members of Tring Running Club and runs from the 1st January to the 31st December each year. There are four prizes to be awarded:

  • Best Male
  • Best Female
  • Most Improved Runner – Male
  • Most Improved Runner – Female

Runners compete on an equal basis regardless of gender or age.

How do I compete?
Send your results, including a link to the official results, to A runner needs to complete at least four road races to achieve a score. In order to qualify, these races need to be of three different distances and may be 5k, 5 miles, 10k, 10 miles and half or full marathon. If more than four qualifying races are run, the best four percentages over the three different distances will be used.

How are the results calculated?
For each road race the club will calculate a percentage based upon the runner’s time compared with the standard time for someone of the same age and gender which is based on the masters world records. Live results, percentages and scores can be viewed here.

What is the ‘Most Improved Runner’ Award?
When a runner has achieved an overall score in the Road Race Championhips this can be compared to the equivalent calculation from the previous year.

The ‘Most Improved Runner’ is a highly sought after award and is presented to the male and female athletes whose overall percentages have shown the greatest increase from the previous to the current year.  For those not fortunate enough to win the ‘Most Improved Runner’ award, the percentage difference still provides an interesting measure of an runner’s individual performance for the year.

Certain parkruns count as qualifying 5ks for the road race championship.  Please see the list of eligible runs.

Good luck to you all!